Meet The Blogger


Rehma.23.London based Makeup Artist.

After graduating in 2013 with a degree in Human Resource Management & working as a freelance Makeup Artist for 6+ years now, I finally started my blog in 2015. I have been featured in Blogosphere Magazine. I specialise in glamorous Bridal and Party makeup.

Over the years I have freelanced, worked on makeup & skincare counters & in a salon as a Makeup Artist. Although I am qualified in Bridal hair, I have never practised it. Makeup is my passion and always has been since I was a little girl obsessed with my mother’s makeup, perfumes, outfits and her beauty. I also have qualifications in Art, Media and Photography. So creativity runs through my veins!

Currently, aside from Blogging, I also work in Recruitment and manage a small team of admins, as well as managing the recruitment and airside referencing process for various accounts within the Aviation Sector. So makeup and blogging is something I am not currently doing full-time. I would love to do this full-time one day!

The purpose of my blog is to showcase makeup looks I create, share my tips & tricks and to help my reader’s feel and look beautiful from the inside and out. I will be reviewing products for you, sharing makeup looks with all details, DIY skincare recipes, tips & tricks and more! I hope you all like the content so far.

R x