SNI Natural Hair Oil – Review

When it comes to hair-care, I’ll hold my hands up and admit I am slacking! My hair is thick and I have a lot of it on my head, despite the accumulated damage over the years, my hair is pretty bulletproof (Alhumdulilah) that’s why I can get away with neglecting I it…

I don’t enjoy hairstyling and I do the bare minimum to my hair in terms of styling. I pretty much wash, air dry, straighten and go to be honest. I try use heat protectants when I can remember, I know what you’re thinking…

My mum is constantly telling me I’ll end up with no hair if I carry on neglecting it, being south-Asian makes it worse because we are known to look after our locks with all these home remedies (totke) we’ve invented over the years.

I dream of hair like Farah Dhukai and Irene-Sarah to be honest but I am so lazy when it comes to my hair!

Now that you have a background story, you will understand why SNI natural hair oil is my hair savior…

The owner and creator of the brand, Sofia, approached me back in June this year to try out her hair oil. I wanted to give it a good few months before even mentioning it because I wanted to see results. It has now been 3 full months of me using this oil and I kid you not, it is the best thing to happen to my hair. Let me bullet point the changes in my hair for you to make this post straight to the point:

  • I have noticed my hair is smoother and easier to untangle, style and manage
  • The oil doesn’t feel heavy in my hair, washes out easily and doesn’t leave residue behind after washing – thank God! if you guys have tried to wash out coconut or castor oil from your hair you know the nightmare!
  • My hair stopped growing past a certain length, sort of like a plateau stage but for my hair… my hair has grown significantly in these last few months and so quickly because of this oil!
  • My hair fall has reduced A LOT
  • My hair is not so dry any more
  • It has helped a lot with my split ends
  • Overall the appearance of my hair is healthier and I have noticed the damage in my hair is being corrected the more I use this oil

Now the suggested use is 3x a week, I will be honest with you, I use it once a week, overnight. I am sure I would have seen results faster had I used it 3x times a week but because of my lazy hair habits, I’ve been using it once a week.

What I love about this oil is that it’s a one-step fix to multiple hair problems, mine being damage, hair fall and my hair overall being a hassle to style because it’s so coarse and thick. My mum has been using this oil too and she uses it 2x a week, she has been suffering from hair loss for years now and nothing really helped. Until she started using this oil, within 4 weeks she saw a dramatic difference in her hair. She had patches of her scalp that would show and it was a major insecurity so she’d always tie her hair up, since using this oil she has noticed hair grow in the areas it completely stopped growing in and her hair is overall thicker! She is so impressed and over the moon because like I said, her hair loss made her really upset and put a downer on her confidence. So I want to personally thank Sofia for boosting my mum’s confidence again!

I also want to mention that unlike most oils on the market, this is very lightweight and a little goes a long way! You can use 2-3 pumps in your entire hair and it won’t look oily, you can tie it up and go out without looking crazy! I personally like to use it as an overnight treatment, so I use about 7-9 pumps in my hair (remember I have a lot of hair and it’s long, so I use more). I also like using a pump or 2 of it just on my ends after styling which I noticed has really helped my dry ends and overall helps my hair look smoother and tames the frizz. The scent is so relaxing and helps me sleep too! It smells like lavender and it’s just lovely.

I have nothing negative to say about this hair oil, I am honestly so happy with what it’s done for not only my hair, but what it’s done for my mum. I even love that it comes in a pump, so it doesn’t spill anywhere and isn’t messy to use.

Check out her Instagram page for reviews from others and a lot of before and after pictures! All the claims are true guys! Your locks will love you, I promise.

R. x


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