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EBay Makeup Brushes

I’ve been getting so many questions about the eBay brushes I’ve ordered recently and after my first order I had to order more!

For the price, they are actually really nice. They don’t shed and are super soft! I’ve washed the first set I bought several times and haven’t experienced shedding at all so I placed an order for some more. They are so aesthetically pleasing as well! If you search the item codes I’ve provided into the eBay search bar, they will come up.

7 piece mermaid brush set

Item code – 292043990721

7 piece silver and purple brush set

Item code – 352016204003

10 piece gold set

Item code – 401239693794

8 piece multi colour glitter brush set

Item code – 352016204003

If you are looking for affordable brushes I highly recommend these. The delivery does take a while (around 2 weeks, sometimes longer) but they are really nice.

I hope this post was helpful.

R x


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