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Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer – Review & Discount Code!

I am so late on the bandwagon to try this creamy pot of goodness. Can you already tell I like it?

At £38 for just 18g of product, it took me a while to jump on board. I managed to get it with £10 off my first purchase from SpaceNK. You have to spend at least £40 for the code to work. Here is the code for you guys.

It took me a while to decide what shade I wanted, I ended up with SX04 which is a light-medium warm shade with yellow undertones. Do not go by the numbering system with this product as it doesn’t go up from light to dark. It’s a bit all over the place to be honest so if you are unsure check in store first before you buy online. SX04 works perfectly as a concealer on my skintone. I do however prefer a bright under eye but I can achieve this with powder as explained below.

SX04 is not much lighter than my skin tone with strong yellow undertones and because it’s so full coverage I don’t need to colour correct underneath! I tried this with correcting first and I also tried it by skipping my colour correcting step and I absolutely got away with it! I can’t say if I can get away with skipping colour correction if I got a shade any lighter than this because it can look ashy if you go in with a really light shade without correcting darkness underneath first. There are two ways I like to use this products and it’s made my under eye routine quicker because I can skip the correcting step with SX04!

The first way:

  • Apply a quick absorbing eye cream (gel based eye creams work better in the morning for me as they absorb quickly and makeup doesn’t crease or smear over top)
  • Apply the KE SSE SX04 – dot a really small amount onto the area and blend with a fluffy concealer/blending brush. Push and buff product into the area.
  • Set with translucent powder and damp beauty blender

And it’s literally that easy! no colour correcting needed, it covers EVERYTHING beautifully in one step and you need the tiniest amount.

The second way I like to use this (when I want a brighter under eye area and want areas to be highlighted)

  • Follow the same steps above 
  • Take a light pressed powder (3-4 shades lighter than my skin tone) and apply it over the areas I want to look brighter.

I find that with this concealer you must work in a thin layer (one layer is enough because the product is so highly concentrated), blend really well, blend some more, set quickly to prevent creasing and not layer any more cream/liquid products over this.

This creases more than other concealers I own IF you apply too much and don’t set properly. 

I tried this with a lighter, brightening concealer over top and it worked well but it creased more. So I recommend to just use a thin layer of this alone and if you want to add brightness, do it afterwards with powder.

Flash photography test (iPhone 6s flash):


  • Full coverage
  • Wide shade range and SX04 works perfectly on my skin tone as a concealer
  • Easy to blend, so creamy and looks flawless
  • Photographs beautifully
  • I can get away with skipping my corrector step so it makes my concealer routine quicker and I think this is because of the shade I chose. I think if I bought a brightening shade I would still have to colour correct to prevent ashy tones. I will be getting more shades and try a lighter shade without colour correcting. If it works the same way and I can still skip the correcting step I will update you guys on my Instagram. 
  • The tiniest amount is all you need! So this pot will last you a long time and it’s very full coverage 


  • Expensive but justifiable because a little goes a long way
  • You have to be careful not to apply too much or layer more cream/liquids over top as it can crease a lot

All in all, I am really happy with this product and I will be buying more shades for my kit. The smallest bit goes such a long way so I know this pot will last me ages especially because I am using this as concealer and not foundation. I will later get a shade my skin tone to see how this works as foundation and let you guys know on my Instagram.

Thank you for reading, R x


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