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The Ordinary Series (2) Lactic Acid – Review

Continuing on with my The Ordinary blog post series, today I am reviewing the Lactic Acid (10% version) for you guys. I got mine from here.

The Ordinary Lactic Acid comes in a 5% version and a 10% version. I ordered myself the 10% because A) my skin is rather tough and B) I planned on only using this 1-2 times a week. I have so many serums I am currently rotating so I knew that my skin could take the 10% on rotation with my other serums. If you are planning to use this more often or your skin is more sensitive – go with the lower percentage. If you are a bit confused please read my skincare post here.

I love the simple, no-fuss packaging and the dropper distributes just enough product. I cannot fault the packaging at all.

Lactic Acid is an AHA, now there are various AHA’s including Glycolic Acid and they all benefit the skin in different ways. Lactic Acid is found in sour milk and the way Lactic Acids works is by chemically exfoliating your skin. Applied topically, it works as a peel to remove dead skin cells, revealing healthier, more even and smoother skin. They also help to reduce scarring and pigmentation, over time they can help with fine lines, wrinkles and loose skin by promoting collagen growth. If you suffer from dry patches this will definitely help.

Incorporating Lactic Acid in your routine can definitely help with the overall texture of your skin as well as the appearance and the above skin related issues. Lactic Acid basically works by exfoliating the skin, removing old skin cells and allowing products you use afterwards to penetrate deeper and moisture to reach the new skin underneath.

I personally recommend you to use Lactic Acid every other night and not every night as you don’t want to over-do it and remember that this is a chemical exfoliant. I also recommend you start off with a lower percentage if you are unsure and then work your way up, if that makes sense? The Ordinary’s highest percentage of Lactic Acid available is 10%, but there some on the market by other brands as high as 30% that I may later try. It is however milder than glycolic acid so if your skin is used glycolic acid I would recommend you to get the 10%. 


My thoughts and experience:

I use about 2-3 drops for my face and neck and I press it into my skin. This smells terrible but I’m not one to moan and complain about scents – especially if the product works. The first night I used this, my skin peeled. In the morning I could see how much dead skin was peeling off my face and neck! Which comes to show how much my skin was lacking a product like this. It was unlike any exfoliant I used and my I tried this at a time my skin really needed exfoliating so it peeled in the morning. Now however, my skin doesn’t peel because it’s well exfoliated but it still looks really smooth after I use this. 

I only use this at night.

I had never used Lactic Acid in the past so I could see results from the first use. 

I have been using this for over a month now and I can honestly tell you guys that I see such a difference in the texture of my skin as well as my skin tone being visibly more even!

I am so glad that I have added Lactic Acid to my routine and I use this 1-2 times a week – at night only. I apply my night cream or treatment as normal after this, so this step falls in as my serum step in my skincare routine.

This definitely gets two thumbs up from me and if you have tried it let me know your thoughts. I love that so many of you are trying what I recommend and loving the products too! It always makes my day when you guys feedback and tell me you love something I recommended xxx

Thank you for reading, R.


5 thoughts on “The Ordinary Series (2) Lactic Acid – Review

  1. I have never used Lactic acid and have ordered the 5% from The Ordinary. I want to know is the peeling really severe and visible?


    1. No it’s mild but it happened to me because my skin was really lacking exfoliation. If your skin is in good condition it probably won’t peel. The lactic acid is milder than glycolic acid as well.


    1. No don’t over do it. Use the liquid gold twice a week when you use the LG don’t apply anything else. Literally cleanse and then apply liquid gold and sleep no other steps on liquid gold Nights and lactic acid twice a week on different nights x


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