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Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer – Review

I had to jump on the bandwagon and order this concealer as soon as I saw the claims:

‘Soft-focus blurring with high-performance coverage. Optimal Diffusion Powder helps maximize light diffusion with spherical surface powders designed to absorb and refract light for soft-focus perfection. High coverage with weightless wear. Advanced powders with a unique structure lay flat, staying in place without settling into fine lines and pores.

LONG-TERM BENEFITS: Softer, smoother skin. Collagen-boosting peptides and hyaluronic acid reduce the appearances of wrinkles and pores by helping plump the look of skin. Antioxidant Daily Defense delivers a protective cocktail of Vitamins A, C, and E.

I have highlighted the bits that made me buy it lol! I’m a sucker for anything full coverage and weightless. The skincare benefits for the under eye area sound amazing too!

Packaging & Price:

I love the Nars packaging but the matte velvety packaging always gets dirty SO easily. This concealer comes in a round glass jar/pot with a velvety matte lid. It is a similar size to the ABH dipbrow. I have inserted pictures below for comparison! Retailing at £23 it is the same price as their Radiant Creamy Concealer.


With 16 different shades to choose from I went with the lightest – Chantilly. I love a bright under eye and Chantilly is a good match considering I opt for NC20 in Mac concealers. Chantilly is a tad lighter than my Mac NC20 prolongwear and not as yellow but definitely bright. I will be ordering more shades for my kit because I have fallen in love! I think this may replace any other concealer I’ve ever loved!

My Verdict:

As mentioned, I absolutely adore this concealer. I have never tried any other Nars concealer so I cannot compare. A little goes a long way, it is definitely full coverage, creamy and blurs the skin beautifully. It doesn’t cling to dry patches and if you know me, you know I suffer from really dry under eyes. I prepped and set as I normally do and my under eyes looked flawless effortlessly! I am honestly so obsessed and been raving about it ever since I first tried it! I have tried this with my ring finger, beauty blender & a brush and it works beautifully any way I choose to use this which says a lot because some products work better with a sponge or brush or fingers.. This looks amazing no matter what I use. It blends seamlessly with minimum creasing.

The concealer looked flawless all day & photographed beautifully! Below is a picture of me wearing this concealer & the picture was taken with my iPhone back camera (with flash & indoors):


I can’t recommend this concealer enough and will be picking up more, if not all the shades for my kit! If you don’t like your undereye area as bright as I do and you’re around my skin tone I recommend you opt for shade – Custard. 

Thank you for reading, R x


6 thoughts on “Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer – Review

  1. Hi hun, i have been eagerly waiting for someone to review this concealer after i saw their ad on facebook.
    It was a great read, you definetly convinced me into buying it as i too look for all those highlighty bits you mentioned and i too have dry under eyes.
    Im a Nc35 so il probably go for a shade darker than custard.
    This is my first time passing through your blog, will definetly carry on reading through all of them.


    Syeda xxxx


  2. Hiya hun I also suffer really bad dry under eyes… am looking to try this as you have made it sound SO amazing lol ….. Just wondering what shade I would be so I can order online…. in the normal radiant conceler I was matched to biscuit but thats not for highlight just a direct match to conceal as my under eyes are quite dark…. I correct with mac orange…. can you help? X


    1. Heyy! Just mask sure you use a good hydrating eye cream the night before – I use organic unrefined shea butter every night as eye cream. And in the day before makeup use a lightweight eye cream. I prefer gel eye creams in the day as they absorb quickly so don’t mess with makeup but still hydrate the area. And as for the colour match, it depends on how bright you like the area. I would suggest going in store to swatch a few then decide and buy. But I’m thinking you might like custard x


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