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Lush Cup O’ Coffee Face & Body Mask Review

I find Lush masks to be reasonably priced and if you take back 5 empty Lush pots you get a free mask of your choice which is really good. After I’ve used up this pot I will have 5 empties and I will try out another mask!

I have seen coffee masks and scrubs all over social media and for good reason because coffee beans are known to reduce inflammation, redness, dark circles and the grainy texture helps exfoliate dead skin. I am not a fan of plastic grain exfoliators, I find them too harsh and honestly you do not need to scrub your face with plastic beads! The thought of the damage caused makes me cringe. Coffee is gritty enough to exfoliate really well and not irritate the skin. Caffeine is also known to stimulate circulation, revealing brighter and glowing skin.

I have also read reviews that this mask helps clear up break outs. I suffer from small bumps on my forehead and I noticed after using this mask it really did reduce them significantly. This mask also contain Kaolin to exfoliate and cleanse as well as coriander seed oil which is a natural antibacterial, also known to clear up breakouts – so it explains why a lot of people say it helped clear up their skin and it definitely helped with problem areas on mine!

I left this on for about 20 minutes and I applied it using a flat brush. It doesn’t tighten up on the skin like a clay mask, it felt hydrating and smelled SO good (if you like coffee). When it comes to rinsing this mask off I rubbed it in circular motions gently to exfoliate and break down the mask. The rest of the mask I then removed with a muslin cloth because it’s a bit hard to just rinse off. If you’re in the shower it’ll come off a lot easier.

Once I had washed this mask I instantly noticed my skin looking clearer (those pesky bumps on my forehead had almost all gone) & my skin looked tighter (reduced pores). I also noticed my skin looking more radiant! I know a mask is good when I see instant results because to me, that is what a good mask is supposed to do – either plump your skin instantly, hydrate it, reduce inflammation, whatever the claims; they should show after the first use. This mask definitely shows results instantly.

Two thumbs up from me! I highly recommend you try this mask even if you don’t like the smell of coffee, it’s worth it.

Thank you for reading, R. x


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