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Current Skincare Favourites

I wanted to talk about skincare products today and share what I am currently loving. I feel like people are really jumping on the skincare blogging bandwagon now and it’s nice to see what everyone likes/dislikes but you guys must remember – what may work for one person may not work for you! I feel like so many of us forget that skincare is all about trial and error and something that you may love, my skin might completely hate so please don’t get disheartened if something someone raves about doesn’t work for you – everyone’s skin is different.

My first current skincare favourite is The Body Shop Glow Boosting Vitamin C Moisturiser

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I love everything about this especially the consistency and how plump it makes my skin feel! My skin instantly feels refreshed and bright, makes for a great day moisturiser and one I highly recommend.

Glycerine & Rosewater Solution from Boots

I feel like not enough people talk about this little super affordable bottle of magic. I use this as a toner, before and after makeup instead of Mac Fix+ (Glycerine is great as a base for makeup because it makes products adhere and rosewater is super nourishing). The way I like to use this is by transferring it into a spray bottle, spritzing it on my face and letting all the goodness absorb. My skin is slightly tacky after using this so sometimes, I spray some right before applying foundation as I find it does work well as a primer. I haven’t purchased Fix+ since using this so guys please try this out! at £2.39 you cannot go wrong!

The Ordinary Lactic Acid


I have reviewed this here and I am SO glad I started using Lactic Acid in my routine. Every time I use this at night my skin looks so good in the morning and I always reach for this when my skin needs a pick me up.

Organic, Unrefined Shea Butter – I use the Naissance brand one available here

If you follow me on Instagram and read my blog regularly I think I have mentioned this over and over again. I am fully convinced that every single person on Earth needs a slab of this on their shelf. I use this as an eye cream and will never spend megabucks on a night eye cream again. I also use this as a body moisturiser, on my cuticles, as a lip treatment (especially if you wear liquid lipsticks) Hell if I could, I would bathe in it. There is no excuse for you not to get this – it’s cheap and you will thanks me!

Lush Cup O’ Coffee Face & Body Mask

I’m a coffee drinker so I love the smell! I am working on a review for you guys but I am so glad I picked this up.

Ole Henriksen Truth Glow Polishing Mask

I have reviewed this here when I received a sample with my order. Fast forward a few weeks and Ole Henriksen sent me a full size! To say I was grateful and excited is an understatement. I highly recommend you all try this especially if you love a good glow!

Quick Fix Facials – Vitamin C Miracle Mask
I got this from Boots and this is the first time I am trying something from this brand. I fell in love from the first use! I think I used it wrong the first time though lol I applied and rubbed it in like a cream but you’re supposed to leave a layer on and let it soak in. I will have a full review up very soon for you guys!
The Ordinary Marula Oil
Marula oil is said to be a luxury oil used in skincare and haircare products. I bought 100% cold-pressed virgin marula oil from here and it is honestly amazing. I will have a review of this up too for you guys. My skin absolutely loves this, I wake up with great skin after using this overnight.
Let me know if you guys want to see these skincare favourites posts regularly?
I have a lot of reviews drafted to post next including a lot of the products mentioned in this post!
Thank you for reading, R x

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