Jasmine Khatun Beauty – Pigments & Discount Code

Hi guys, I want to talk to you about a brand I have been supporting and following for a very long time. I am all about home-grown brands and love to see my ladies doing so well! I have been following Jasmine from JK Beauty for ages and so proud to see her grow and launch her own products. She started off creating and selling beauty boxes with a mixture of brands and now has a collection of her own products. She also stocks Colourpop on her website! I was actually going to order her own brand pigments so when she reached out to me and asked me if I’d like to try her products I was SO excited!

She was kind enough send me a set of 4 eye shadow pigments, a glitter pigment and a highlight pigment to try. Which is so generous of her as I was only expecting one or two things. When I opened the package I squealed like a child lol!

So Jasmine Khatun Beauty create their own eye shadow, foiled, glitter and highlight pigments with the prettiest packaging ever! Her prices are so reasonable for the amount you get and I love the gold lid jars, it adds a luxurious touch which is so pretty.

The packaging:


Just look at how sleek and beautiful these jars are. I like that they are jars apposed to the cork bottles she had previously because it’s a lot less messy and easy to work with. I am personally not a fan of the cork bottle style because it’s just messy and they have leaked everywhere in my makeup case in the past. Cleaning glitter and pigment from fabric, makeup and brushes is not fun! So I love her packaging and the gold touch really is everything!

I can see how much thought she has put into her packaging and it’s so nice to see something packaged so well. From the outer box to the jars, everything was thought out and created so well. The white boxes have their embossed logo on them and the jar lids also have the logo on them. It was all packaged in pink tissue paper in this lovely magnetic white box. I love everything about the packaging and I can tell how much work went into it.


Set of 4 eyeshadow pigments – shade ‘Rosewood’:

Glitter pigment – Shade ‘Ballet’:

Loose highlighter – Shade ‘Autumn Gala’:

Below is a look I did using the rosewood eyeshadow pigment set and loose highlight powder. The glow is amazing! You can use it wet or dry depending on your preference. Autumn Gala is such a stunning shade and she has so many beautiful colours on her website – here.

I have managed to get a discount code for your guys on her pigments. This code is only for Jasmine Khatun pigments and cannot be used on other brands. If you click ‘Shop’ then the ‘Discount Code’ tab on her website and put REHMA10 at checkout you can get some ££ off! ❤ I will never promote anything I don’t genuinely recommend. I would never waste your money and I don’t make any money off this discount code, I just asked her for a code so that you guys can save some money on her pigments! They are honestly beautiful and I am so proud of Jasmine!

Thank you for reading, R. x


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