My Experience With Lip Fillers – My Skin Clinic

If you are someone who is against fillers please just exit the page now. I am not here to have a debate on a topic that is highly controversial, but more so to give my honest and detailed experience with lip fillers.

Disclaimer* everything in this post is honest and 100% my real experience. I am not being paid for doing this post. I do receive treatments from My Skin Clinic at a discounted price (and so will anyone who uses my code – REHMABEAUTY20)

Let’s jump right in…


I have always wanted even, balanced lips. I’ve always had a thin top lip and a full bottom lip. I wanted balance and not having to over line the top (which is very noticeable). I have found pictures prior fillers and you can see exactly what I mean! I had to overline my top lip which was very obvious… (it was a lot thinner without lipstick lol!)

Now, I first went to get my top lip filled back in 2013 (well before the Kylie Jenner hype started) I won’t name and shame clinics but my experience was awful. The Dr at this particular clinic used a filler called Boletero and told me it would last 8 months. Within 2 weeks my top lip was back to how it was. I went back (I shouldn’t have but I didn’t know any better at the time) and had him re-do it. For it to only go back down 2 weeks later again. At this point I had wasted around £500! I was livid.

Fast forward to 2016 and social media covered with Kylie Jenner lips and fillers. I was still very insecure about my top lip and always wanted full lips so I thought let me try again but not get Boletero. Now I am not saying go do this because it’s all over social media! I am a grown woman who is mature enough make her own decisions. If you are younger I don’t advice you get them done without consulting your parents or someone older first.

Back to earlier this year, I went to a clinic on Harley Street in London, I won’t name names again but it was a very cramped ‘clinic’ and I say ‘clinic’ because it basically looked like it was set up in someone’s really small London apartment. Anyway, I won’t complain about the service they were very nice ladies, however everything there felt rushed. I felt as if everyone was rushed in and out. She was basically done with my lips in under 5 minutes. The product she used was a filler called Xela. Again, they looked lovely at first but 2 weeks later they had died down. This was really stressing me out and all I kept hearing was ‘my body absorbs the filler too quickly’.

At this point I had given up until My Skin Clinic reached out and asked me if I’d be interested in working with them. I still had to pay for my treatment but got a discount and so would all my followers.

My experience with My Skin Clinic

I had a telephone consultation with Dr Ahsan and I raised all my concerns with him over the phone. I explained that everyone said the fillers would last 8 months (MINIMUM!) but 2 weeks later my lips would basically deflate. He spoke to me about different types of fillers and explained all the different types of fillers such as Xela, Boletero and Teosyal. He then went on to explain the different types of Juvederm fillers. Juvederm is the most popular and most used filler in USA and expensive. Juvederm fillers also have subcategories (2,3 & 4) 4 being the thickest and used for places such as cheeks to enhance cheekbones. Some people do use 4 in their lips but it can look very stiff and not flexible.

Dr Ahsan recommended I get Juvederm 3 which is still a thick filler but is ideal for the lips rather than 4 which can look very fake. Juvederm 2 is basically for someone who wants a very slight, barely noticeable plump. I needed something that would last. So getting Juvederm 3 meant I’ll have a thicker filler that my body will break down slower. I had now learnt why my body was breaking down fillers so quickly – the fillers used previously were too thin! He also told me that the desired look I wanted should be done over a course of time and not straight away with 3+ syringes because it would look very fake. He suggested I start with 1.5 and build up should I need to.

It all made sense and I’m so glad I asked all the questions I had. I didn’t feel rushed and Dr Ahsan made sure to give me as much as information as I needed. He took his time, didn’t rush me or avoid answering my questions which is nice because everyone else seemed to get me in and out the door as if they didn’t really care about the client service and needs.

On the day of my appointment I had to remove my makeup around my mouth. A tip if you wear makeup – take foundation, a sponge and your setting powder with you because it will come off! Or just go in with no makeup. Dr Ahsan however was very accommodating, he didn’t rush the procedure. He made conversation to help me not concentrate on the blood and pain.

The procedure:

  • All makeup around your lips must be removed and the Dr will then clean the area with an alcohol antiseptic wipe.
  • Numbing cream is applying by the Dr who is wearing gloves and a mask. You cannot touch the area because it can cause infection.
  • The needle is injected in and out puncturing the lips which didn’t hurt me because the affects of the numbing cream had kicked in.
  • The Dr is continuously massaging the filler as he’s carrying out the procedure which does hurt! When the area is squeezed I could feel pain and out of 5 I would give this pain a 3.5, but it does depends on your pain threshold.
  • The area is sanitised again after the procedure and that’s it!

All in all, it’s took about 10-15 minutes.

Aftercare and the experience afterwards:

  • I bruised. Which I expected with any medical grade product. I could hide it with lipstick and I massaged my lips with Rosehip oil which helped the bruising fade quicker.
  • My lips and the surrounding area was swollen for about 3 days. The worst day was the day after with the most swelling and major duck face!
  • As compared to other fillers Juvederm 3 felt A LOT smoother with no lumps and bumps which was amazing because prior to this I had 2 lumps that remained by the previous clinic and their filler which went away completely after Dr Ahsan did his magic.
  • Dr Ahsan told me to massage upwards and outwards which I did every night
  • I also found it difficult to eat on the day and the 2nd & 3rd days. I also could only drink from a straw for those 3 days. This was due to the swelling, when the swelling went away I could eat and drink as normal.

In the top right picture they are completely healed. No need to overline anymore yay! but you can see where the sides are hollow in the picture on the right. Picture on the right is 1.5 syringe.

My verdict:

It has been 8 weeks since the fillers and they have not reduced in size! I went back once in between only to add a little more to the sides because my upper lip is hollow on the sides and I needed some more volume just in that area.


Above are the most recent pictures of mine completely healed after the second time I went to get the hollow sides filled a bit more, so a total of now 2.5 syringes  I am really happy with them and would recommend you all go to My Skin Clinic because all their procedures are performed by qualified medical doctors so you are in good hands! Dr Ahsan himself is the medical director of the clinic and he makes the procedure almost pain free. ‘Dr Ahsan is fully registered with the General Medical Council (GMC), member of the British Medical Association (BMA), an associate member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM), member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM) and member of the Royal College of General Practitioners (MRCGP)’ so you know you are in good hands!

The clinic offers a wide range of procedures from various peels, fillers, vampire facial and laser treatments including laser hair removal. If you guys are interested in any of these procedures you can call the clinic on 0208 004 9515 or 0207 467 8484 and if you quote Rehmabeauty20 you will receive 20% off ANY treatment(s)!

I can go for a top up in a few months if I want them any bigger. But for now, I am happy with the size.

*All opinions are my own and not influenced by anyone other than myself and my own experience with My Skin Clinic. I am affiliated with the clinic for advertising purposes but I have paid for all treatment(s) myself unless otherwise stated and will continue to only promote products/services I truly believe in.

Thank you for reading, R. X


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