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L’Oreal Pure Clay Masks – Detox, Glow & Purity – Review.

I saw these all over Instagram and been itching to try them out myself. They retail for £7.99 each and there are three to choose from. Knowing me, I bought all three. They are were on offer for £5 at Boots and £5.33 on Feelunique when I purchased them, so keep an eye out as they might go back on offer!

All three masks are creamy in texture and contain clay sourced from all over the world. Each one targeting a different skin concern.

Let’s start with Detox (charcoal mask) I love charcoal cleansers and masks for really sucking dirt and impurities from the skin. Charcoal is known to be a magnet for dirt and oil. So this charcoal mask also contains kaolinite, montmorillonite, and ghassoul to deep clean and purify. I have used this a few times and it really does draw out the gunk in my skin and leaves it looking a lot cleaner and brighter. One thing I dislike about this is the smell, it smells like aftershave SO bad and the smell really lingers which is annoying. One more thing I want to mention is with detox masks they tend to bring out spots as a result of bringing out impurities from the skin. This happens because the bacteria in your skin is bought to the surface.

Moving on to the Glow Mask. This is such a weird colour and when I have it on I look crazy lol! This includes Red Algae which explains the colour of the mask. Red clay has tiny volcanic particles known to exfoliate. This is basically an exfoliating mask with little grains. If you don’t like physical exfoliators, you won’t really like this. It did leave my skin smoother but I have used better polishing masks so I’m not crazy about this one. I will probably give this one away.

Lastly the Purity mask, this mask has Eucalyptus and is designed to mattify and purify your skin. I’ve noticed this helps with shine and recommend using this prior makeup application if you suffer with oily skin like I do. But honestly, I don’t have time to do a mask in the morning and I don’t really benefit from it otherwise.

My verdict: My favourite from the 3 is the Detox mask (black one) because I find draws out impurities in my skin and leaves it brighter, smoother and cleaner. I just hate the smell like I mentioned, other than that it’s a great charcoal mask. I love using this once a week, not more than that because charcoal masks tend to dry out my skin. I’m not over the moon impressed with them but they aren’t horrible either. Would I tell you to rush out and buy these because your life is incomplete without them? no. Do they work? yes, but they aren’t an instant fix. You have to use these a few times to see results.

Thanks for reading, R. x



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