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EBay Rose Gold Brush Set – Review

You never know what you can find on EBay or Amazon when it comes to beauty. From Korean skin care to cheap brush sets. I was instantly drawn this beautiful rose gold brush set – I had to have it especially at £4.69 and it being rose gold I didn’t think twice before placing an order! Here is the link.

You get 7 pieces in this set, 4 face brushes and 3 eye brushes. You can also choose from rose gold, gold or silver. To be honest I had no expectations or high hopes for these brushes, I only ordered them because they look pretty and were so cheap! But when they arrived (in less than a week from outside the UK which btw is amaze!) and I used them I was pleasantly surprised (with 3 out of 7 of them). Let me tell you why…

The brushes are made well, they aren’t flimsy and I have washed them a few times and the handle hasn’t become loose! Usually with cheaper brushes the handle falls apart after a wash or two because the glue is cheap. But it didn’t happen with these.

The bristles are synthetic (Nylon hair) and soft. They don’t feel rough on the skin and don’t soak up product which is amazing!

There is also no shedding! I cant explain how happy I am about this because my expensive Mac brushes shed all over my face and it’s SO annoying. These do not shed at all, even after a few washes.

The powder brush:

This is the perfect size and shape to set and press powder into the skin. Not for buffing but great for pushing powder in.


The contour brush:

This reminds me of my Real Techniques contour brush (that I love and use for contouring all the time!). I have both brushes so you can see the comparison. I don’t like this brush from the rose gold  collection at all, it leaves product streaky on the face and was just a mess *throws it in the bin* I’ll stick my RT one, k thanks. 

Foundation brush:

Clearly used and abused. I should have taken these pictures when I first got these brushes lol. I am not sure if this is specifically for foundation but when I used this brush for liquid and cream foundations I. FELL. IN. LOVE. Using this brush to push and blend liquid or cream foundation into the skin leaves a really nice medium-full coverage finish. I have recently been using this to push foundation into the skin and then lightly bouncing my Beautyblender on top at the end to finish off. This brush gives me the coverage I like, without soaking up product and blends it so effortlessly. The Beautyblender I find soaks up a lot of product so I like to use it at the end only to ‘finish off’ and give it that ‘airbrushed’ look.

The strange, angled, pyramid looking brush:

I didn’t know what to do with this brush to be honest so I used it for applying primer on my clients and to ‘paint’ liquid foundation as well as cream products. It honestly worked great for all these things! It’s a nice brush for liquid and cream products. I would not recommend this for powders at all because I can see it causing powder to become cakey and patchy. I like the unique shape and the different sides to fit different areas of the face.

The 3 eye brushes:

1- The blending brush. I wouldn’t call this an eye brush because it’s far too big for the eyes. This brush is good for blending nose contour. 

2- The dome-shaped brush. I don’t like this brush, it’s honestly useless. I’ve tried it to blend eyeshadow, spot conceal and smoke the lower lash line but it was just a fail.

3- The angled brush. This is nice if you want place eye shadow/liner along your lash line or fill in your brows. I use it on clients with thick brows that just needed filling with powder and it did a good job. 

My verdict:

All in all this is a nice brush set if you are looking for something cheap and pretty. I don’t care for the 3 eye brushes to be honest, and can’t stand the contour brush. But the other face brushes I really like. I wish they were sold individually because I’d buy like 5 of the foundation brushes! So it’s a hit and miss, some brushes are good some are terrible. Out of the 7 I like 3…

Thank you for reading and that concludes my little review. My favourite brushes are Sigma, Morphe and Zoeva which I definitely think are worth the money. I like a few Mac brushes but the shedding really puts me off them!

R. x


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