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Colourpop Haul & My Thoughts

In current news – Colourpop now do international shipping *runs around in excitement*

As soon as they first announced this, I got onto the website and placed a huge order! This post is really late but better late than never?!

I have been wanting to try Colourpop products for the longest time, but refused to pay £15 for a $6 dollar lipstick from sellers in the UK and I’m glad I waited. I already had a list of what I wanted on my phone (the organised freak in me was ready) so when international shipping went live, I logged on and got everything I wanted before it sold out. In all my excitement, I ordered 8 liquid matte lipsticks, 3 liquid satin lipsticks, 5 lippie stix and 1 eye shadow. I did have to pay customs when it arrived (£21) but to be honest, the total still worked out less than it would have if I bought it from sellers in the UK.

Onto the swatches:

These are the 8 liquid matte lipsticks:

Here are the liquid satin lipsticks and eye shadow in Tassel:

The lippie stix:

Left to right: Pillow Talk, Jujurouge, Tootsie, Chateau and Poppin’

Formula, application and longevity:

Liquid Mattes:

  • runny formula
  • one swipe is all you need
  • buildable but I recommend you don’t as it can get flaky
  • these last about 10-12 hours
  • comes off in the centre after eating, so after a meal I had to reapply in the centre
  • doesn’t bleed
  • doesn’t transfer
  • doesn’t feel drying, feels really comfortable on the lips
  • the application brush isn’t flimsy so that’s good. However, too much product can be dispensed from the tube and this gets messy! These spilt all over my makeup bag and pocket… it was not fun to clean up 😦

Liquid Satins:

  • mousse like texture
  • feels a lot like the NYX matte lipsticks, only more pigmented
  • this formula is creamy and doesn’t dry as matte (I set with powder if I want it really matte)
  • Buildable, doesn’t get crumbly. Again, you don’t need to build because they are so pigmented
  • these last about 8 hours on the lips
  • doesn’t bleed
  • transfers
  • The formula is not as runny as the matte ones so it doesn’t spill in this case. Packaging and applicator the same as the matte liquid lipsticks.

Lippi Stix:

  • I love the name lippie stix, too cute
  • I did not expect them to be as pigmented as they are. Oh my god!!!
  • feel like butter
  • various finishes. Matte and cream.. the website clearly states what type of finish the selected colour will give. I happened to get all mine in the Matte finish.
  • can bleed very slightly if no lip pencil is used or if they are not set with powder
  • clicks shut which is always great for a paranoid person like me
  • these last about 3-4 hours but when I set them with powder they last 8-9 hours

Tassel eye shadow:

  • bouncy/sponge-like texture
  • pigmented but falls apart (I will explain in my last bullet point)
  • long lasting
  • I do wish the texture was different because it can easily crumble and get messy. Also, I have already hit pan! Now I don’t know if this is because I used it every day for a week… or because there isn’t enough product… I think if the texture was more ‘solid’ than mousse and just as pigmented (or more), it wouldn’t run out as quickly. The texture of this is annoying because I have to be careful when applying for it to actually stay on my eyelids and not fall everywhere.

Final Verdict:

Here I am wearing the liquid matte in Trap
I am wearing the lippie stix in Chateau

I am so happy I bought everything I did, there are some downfalls that I will get into but the pros definitely outweigh the 2 cons I have:


1- I don’t like the eyeshadow texture and consistency as explained above. I wish it was a more solid formula. I will try other colours and see if they have a different texture.

2- The packaging of the liquid matte lipsticks need to be better. The current packaging makes the runny formula leak and get really messy. It also looks gross around the rim of the lipstick tube. I love the product, I don’t like the packaging.

Other than the above cons, I really love the products for the price and I will definitely be placing future orders. The pigment is insane! The colours are perfect.

Have you guys tried Colourpop products? What are your favourites and your thoughts? Comment here or on Instagram, I’d love to see what else I can try next time I place an order.

R x



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