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Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation – Review

After hearing so many positive reviews about this foundation I thought I’d try it out myself. The only high-street foundation I actually like is Loreal True Match and I find it very difficult to find my shade in the ‘drugstore’. In L’Oreal True Match I wear the shade w4 which is a bit light but anything else is too pink for my medium-tan skin tone.

The foundation costs £5.99 in the UK and is available across most Superdrug and Boots stores. I thought that was dead cheap for a foundation!

Maybelline Claims:

‘Fit Me Matte & Poreless has been designed for normal to oily skin. Its blurring micro powders refines pores while shine is being absorbed for a natural matte finish. Fit Me Matte & Poreless foundation fits both skin and texture for natural finish and poreless looking skin’


Some websites show the glass bottle packaging but in store I only saw the squeeze tube packaging.. I hope they’re both the same product. I don’t understand why anyone would package the same product two different ways :/

My local Superdrug had the squeeze tube so I just got that one. The packaging isn’t anything special, it’s a plastic squeeze tube, not pretty but the product is what matters with this foundation!

I do like how the tube allows me to control how much product is dispensed, whereas with pumps too much can come out. So the tube is handy. Glass bottles however with no pumps, are messy and annoying.

Anyway, the product itself is amazing, this is why I’m willing to let the cheap packaging slide especially considering the price… The foundation isn’t runny and it isn’t too thick. It has a nice consistency and blends seamlessly into the skin. It feels comfortable and not cakey at all

Colour Match:

After researching some swatches and colour matches I thought 210 or 220 would be the closest match. There aren’t many shades, my local Superdrug store only stocks limited shades (I think around 6 shades). They didn’t have 210 so I picked up 220. I do wish there were some lighter yellow-tones shades. But so far, I have no complaints about 220, it’s a nice warm, medium shade that matches and blends very nicely. A tad dark but I make it work with highlighting. For reference – I am NC30 in Mac, Stromboli in Nars and Cashew Beige in Laura Mercier. With this foundation, shades ending in ‘0’ are yellow toned and shades ending with ‘5’ have a pink undertone.


I have tried this foundation with a Beauty Blender, RT complexion sponge, flat top foundation brush and a flat foundation brush. It applies well with all tools mentioned, it just depends on how sheer you want it and what you prefer. I like to use a flat foundation brush to ‘paint’ the product on and blend it lightly, then go over top with my Beauty Blender or RT sponge. This technique gives me a nice coverage with that airbrushed finish I like.

It applies so seamlessly and blurs out imperfections. So I definitely stamp my approval on that claim from Maybelline. It also leaves a nice smooth finish to my skin which is definitely matte.


I would say this foundation is a light to medium coverage. It isn’t sheer but can be sheered out. It is also buildable. I put this to the test on an evening out. I layered it and got a flawless, full coverage finish that wasn’t cakey at all! it didn’t crumble, crease or get patchy. It looked just as smooth as it did on the first layer and that’s amazing because it means the foundation is customizable to your needs. So if some areas needs a bit more coverage, you can definitely layer it or if you just like a full coverage base then it is achievable with this foundation.

Flash photography test:

As you can see there is no white cast! this foundation photographs really well.


I have been testing this foundation for about 5 weeks now because as most of you will know, I like to really use and put products through tests before I post a review. So I wore this to work and applied it around 6.30am, took it off around 6.30pm. I go to the gym after work, so I worked out in it. I wore it out to dinner a few times too. So it has been through a working day, through sweaty cardio and through a night out with me and let me tell you that it didn’t fall apart, crumble, cake, come off.. nothing! it stayed put! I have oily skin, so I do have to blot but with a good mattifying and smoothing primer I got away with not blotting!


  • VERY affordable
  • I got a good colour match which is rare with high street brands 
  • blendable
  • long lasting
  • buildable


  • the packaging could be better
  • Limited shades. I wish there were more shades



Overall, this is a great everyday foundation for normal-oily skin types. It lasts all day, looks great, photographs well and is so affordable. This is all I have been using everyday for the last month or so and I can say that this is my everyday foundation. I can finally save my £40 foundations for occasions. I will not  think twice about repurchasing!

If you’ve tried it let me know your thoughts, if you haven’t, I highly recommend giving it a go if you have normal-oily skin and are looking for an everyday foundation.

Thank you for reading, R x


5 thoughts on “Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation – Review

  1. Hey hun. Love your reviews they always help me when I’m about to purchase something.

    I also bought the 220 shade in this. However I did find myself a bit oily at the end of the day and had to blot unfortunately. Now that I’m reading your review you mention ‘with a good mattifying and smoothing primer I got away with not blotting!’, can you recommend me a primer please? Maybe if I switched up my primer it may give me a different result.

    Thanks in advance.
    Best wishes xxx


    1. Hi thank you for reading! And yeah I get oily too if I don’t use a primer and set properly. So I use the YSL blur primer or the Inglot matte primer. I set with translucent powder and either NYX matte setting spray or the Gerard cosmetic slay all day spray. I hope that helps xxx


  2. Hi there! Thanks for the wonderful review, it really helped me out. I have the same skin tone as you and I am an NC30 in MAC too. I’m also 220 in this foundation. I was wondering if you could tell me your shade in of a few of your other favourite foundations? This would really help me when placing online orders. Thanks a lot x


    1. Thank you!
      Nars – Stromboli
      Estée Lauder – mix of cashew and rattan (more rattan with a bit of cashew)
      Urban decay – 5.0
      I mix maybelline 220 with EL rattan for a better match.

      I hope that helped x


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