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Inglot ‘Mattifying Under Makeup Base’ (Review)


I wanted to write a quick post about this little gem I bought on a whirlwind. I love it when I randomly discover products that aren’t hyped up on social media by ‘guru’s’ on company PR lists. I won’t lie I often find myself buying products because I’ve seen it everywhere on Instagram and I do end up disappointed sometimes. So when I used and fell in love with this primer I thought I’d share it!

I really like Inglot as a whole, I think they were the first company to introduce the whole customise-your-own-palette system. I remember when I first started freelancing I would use their freedom system to custom make blush, powder and eyeshadow palettes. I love the whole concept of being able to make my own palettes. I find their blushers very comparable to the Nars blushers, they are just as pigmented if not, more! they aren’t chalky and last all day. I also love their eyeshadows for the same reasons! Great colour range and pigment that lasts all day. I also love their AMC lip pencils, they’re basically jumbo pencils that twist up which I use as lipsticks and my favourite colours are 32, 19 and 21. They do great essentials too such as their duraline liquid and their brush cleaner is also a staple in my kit. And don’t get me started on their pigments and body sparkles! Okay I think you can tell how excited Inglot gets me and why I love this brand so I’ll stop waffling and get into the primer review…

While shopping in their Westfield London store, I saw this and out of curiosity I thought ‘hmm let me just see how it feels’ and oh my… as soon as I applied a bit on my hand I had to buy it.

It’s a gel consistency that immediately mattifies and smoothens the skin. Inglot claims this primer does not clog pores and is suitable for all skin types. I would not recommend this for anyone with very dry skin because it really does mattify the skin and I think it will most likely enhance dry areas and cling onto dry patches.

For someone with oily skin like myself, you will adore this! It evens out any wrinkles/pores. I don’t suffer from large pores Alhumdulilah but I have used it on clients that do and clients with smile lines. With smile lines, foundation tends to crease but I find this primer reduces that. It won’t completely get rid of them (but again, I don’t think makeup can. Only fillers).

The primer really blurs the skin like a smoothing filter, it’s actually amazing! the skin feels like velvet and the overall makeup look looks a lot smoother too. This primer absorbs all access oil and keeps the skin matte for a lot longer. When I use this I find that my skin looks more airbrushed, less oily for longer and more emollient foundations manage to stay put on my face because the primer is helping my skin stay matte and prevents products from slipping and sliding on my face.

I have a big problem with foundation slipping and sliding around my nose area, upper lip and chin. It just tends to melt and slip and that’s because those are the areas my skin gets oily. When I use this primer, that doesn’t happen!

I definitely think it’s worth trying, you can get it in store and online for £19 (30ml)

And a tip – let this primer sit for a minute before you apply anything on top and start your makeup. If you don’t wait it will get weird, like gathered and bubbly, hope that makes sense… So just let it sit for a minute and then apply your makeup.

Thank you for reading, R x


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