Long-Lasting Makeup For Oily Skin

A highly requested post I finally got around to doing…
A bit about my skin first… I have oily skin, the only parts of my face that get dry are my under eyes. Luckily I don’t suffer from acne or scarring, I get the odd pimple here & there. My main issue is texture. Over the years I have learnt what works, what steps help to keep my skin looking its best. Did you know that if you have oily skin, you get fewer wrinkles in the future.. not sure if this is a myth but it makes me feel better about my skin type, so I’ll keep believing it!

Steps prior makeup application:

  • Consistent skincare routine. Keyword – consistent. You can read my skincare routine here.


  • Below are 3  steps I take & recommend for oily skin to help keep your makeup looking great all day:
  1.  I recommend using a primer. Look for something that says ‘smoothing’ ‘mattifying’ ‘pore filling’ these primers tend to leave your skin feeling like velvet & matte. Primers like the ones below help reduce oil & provide a nice smooth base for makeup. Some also prolong the wear of makeup. Below are some I recommend:

2. The next step is choosing your foundation. I recommend buying oil-free foundations for oily skin. With a really matte foundation like Estee Lauder Doublewear, I recommend using glycerine & rosewater solution to prep. This works well as a base for really matte foundations because it’s hydrating but not greasy. Glycerine leaves a tacky texture the makeup adheres to. Here are some foundations I’ve tried & recommend for oily skin:

A quick tip mixing foundations is a great way to create your own custom colour & finish. I love mixing Nars ALDW with Mac Studio Fix. Makeup is all about trial & error, try mixing some foundations to create the perfect finish & colour for you.

3. Lastly, setting your makeup. I set my t-zone & under eye with a beauty blender or a triangle cosmetic sponge & loose powder. I then dust my face with a fluffy powder brush & a pressed powder. I will always spray my face with a setting spray. Facial sprays help your face look less ‘cakey’ after all that powder. Setting sprays also prolong the wear of makeup & keep it locked in place. Please note a ‘finishing or hydrating’ spray is not the same as a ‘setting spray’ I will do a whole post about facial sprays to help you guys out. I find this step so therapeutic & think of this as the last step to lock & finish off my masterpiece! These are my favourite setting products:

In the picture below I’m wearing the Inglot primer, Nars ALDW foundation mixed with Estee Lauder Doublewear, set with Kett Sett Translucent Powder & MAC SF Powder. Finished off with Gerardcosmetics Slay All Day spray (Lemongrass scent).

I hope this post helped answer a lot your questions.

Thank you for reading, R x



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