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Kett Sett Translucent Powder (Review)

Hi guys,

So my Laura Mercier translucent setting powder finished *cries* and I was going to buy the RCMA no colour powder because I’ve heard great things about it. But I’ve put buying that on a hold (for now) because my friend then gave me the Kett sett translucent powder to try and I fell in love

Before I talk about the powder can I just say I’m really liking my new blog theme! It’s so girly and the border around the featured pictures is so pretty! I know I said I was happy with my blog theme and layout in my Rebranded post. But I get bored easily okay!

Let’s talk about this powder now… This powder is very finely milled. Looks white when swatched, but once applied and blended it has no colour. It doesn’t brighten the area nor does it alter the colour of your concealer/foundation. Which is pro and a con. Let me tell you why…

It can be a pro if you have used brightening products under your eyes for a highlighted look and worked hard to achieve that, you don’t want your setting powder to take away all your hard work if it alters the colour of your concealer. So in this case a no colour powder will be a pro for you.

It can be a con if you like to use a lighter powder to give you a highlighted look or to complete your highlighted look and a no colour powder might mean you having to purchase another product to lighten your under eye if you like that highlighted look. So it will be a con if you were depending on your setting powder to give you that highlighted look as this one has no colour.

I personally use other products to highlight and set with this. If I want a really bright under eye I go over top with a pressed powder in a lighter shade like my Studio Fix Powder by Mac in NC20 (let’s face it, nothing is simple with me!)

I have ‘baked’ with this using a triangle cosmetic sponge and dusted off the access and I find that it’s easier to ‘bake’ with this powder compared to the Laura Mercier powder – only because the Kett powder is a lot finer and less chunky. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Laura Mercier powder and it definitely lives up to the hype. So not everyday bake-my-face day, sometime just set and go! And this Kett powder can do both.

When setting the under eye I either use the ‘baking’ technique especially when I know I’ll be taking pictures or going out and need everything to really stay put! On a day-to-day basis however, I just set with my Real Techniques setting brush. If you guys want an in-depth post about setting and achieving a flawless-photo-friendly under eye, let me know and I will do that for you. You can always comment your blog post suggestions on here, on my Instagram or Snap me!

With Flash Photography

I have taken pictures with a flash with this powder and there was no flashback. Which is always a plus especially with HD powders as they tend to leave a crazy white cast (Image reference below.*Screams* Sorry Eva, I love you but I hope you never use that makeup artist again!)


Below is a picture of me wearing the Kett loose powder. This picture was taken indoors with flash and taken with my Sony A5100.


All the details for this makeup look are in my previous post.

In the UK you can buy Kett cosmetics at Gurumakeup emporium for £16.50 which I think is so affordable and you get a lot for the price (2oz).

There is also a pressed version of this powder I am thinking to buy to throw in my bag for touch-ups. Summer is around the corner and that’s when I really need to blot and touch up my oily skin. I think the pressed version of this powder will be perfect for that.

Let me know if you guys have tried this powder and if you recommend any other setting powders 🙂

Thank you for reading, R x












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