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LUSH -Mask of Magnaminty Vs. Glamglow Mud Mask

I posted a picture of the Love Lettuce mask on my Instagram and mentioned how it reminded me of my Glamglow mud mask. BUT I take that back after trying this Mask of Magnaminty! I thought I could compare Love Lettuce with Glamglow mud as they both left my skin very polished and pores tightened. But I tried this Mask of Magnaminty and I find this more comparable to the Glamglow mud mask.


The texture of this mask is almost exactly the same as the Glamglow mud mask – the ingredients are obviously different but both masks have a very similar texture, Glamglow mud mask being slightly more drying.


The Glamglow mud mask retails for £50 (for 50g) and this Lush mask retails for £5.75 (for 125g!!!) and the larger 315g pot is £9.75

Here is a size comparison:



  • The smell of the Glamglow mask smells like clay and the Lush mask smells like peppermint.
  • The Glamglow masks dries very fast and tightens almost immediately. (In the image below you can see it started drying as soon it came to contact with my skin!)
  • The Lush Mask of Magnaminty starts drying and tightening more gradually. So it’s less intense than the Glamglow mask.
  • The Glamglow mud mask instantly starts tingling upon application and the tightening starts straight away and is intense! The Mask of Magnaminty has no tingling and the tightening is more gradual.
  • When removing both masks they feel the same – grainy and very exfoliating. It’s hard for me to describe how they feel when washing my face but they both feel very alike. Both masks leave my skin tight and pore size reduced around my nose. The Glamglow mask is a lot stronger with the tightening effects.


The top swatch is the Glamglow mud mask and the lighter green bottom swatch is the Lush Mask of Magnaminty.

I use my Glamglow mud mask once a month and before a special occasion and I use other masks (mainly Lush masks) every week in between – sometimes twice a week. I have a cupboard (and fridge) full of masks and I love making DIY homemade ones too! I find it so relaxing and pampering especially after a long week at the office.

So this concludes my short comparison. If you wanted to try the Glamglow mud mask but are on a budget, I’d say pass on it and get this Lush Mask of Magnaminty. You get more product in it too! and it’s so affordable with very similar effects – please note you have to be consistent to see long lasting results. So don’t expect a miracle after 1 use. I did see a difference in my skin after the 1st use with both masks but for long lasting after effects you need to be consistent!


The Glamglow masks are luxury products and I do highly recommend them if you have the budget for them.


Thank you for reading, if you’ve tried either of these masks let me know how you find them and what your favourite masks are because I’m forever trying new ones! Oh and if you’d like to see DIY mask recipes on my blog let me know on here/Instagram/Snapchat and I will definitely share them!

R. x



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